Amazon Prime Day 2017:How to Find the Best Deals What to Expect

How to Take of Amazon Prime Day

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Because we think we can make a little difference by being picky, here are some great deals on BEST OF BEAUTY PRODUCT AND OTHER PRODUCT OFFER BY AMAZON.

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Last year, a lot of us  Amazon Prime subscribers cashed in during the 24-hour “Prime Day” that Amazon put on. This year, Amazon is extending Prime Day to 30 hours starting on July 10th, which gives you even more chance to cash in this time around.

This post is going to cover a few DETAILS that you can implement both in the build-up to and during the day itself. Whether it’s your first Prime Day or not, you’ll do well to take advantage, even if it is only for 1 day.On July 10-11, there will be dozens of deals in every category, which has caused a huge shopping frenzy on Amazon for the past 2 years since they first rolled it out in 2015.Of course, it also means a large number of people will sign up for Prime as well.

First Off, What’s Amazon Prime Day?

Think of it like Black Friday, Amazon Prime is the day when Amazon Prime subscribers,which is the requirement Prime Member in order to cash in and participate in the Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day sale will be on July 11,only make sure you have at least a trial membership; Now let go into more details how to benefits and see whether Prime is worth paying for.

How To Take Advantage of This Prime Day

A lot of you will be reading this with a fear of missing out, might not even be close to where you’ll need them to be come July 10th.Have no fear!This post is going to suggest some things that anyone can implement,right away

.After your free trial, on Amazon Prime’ll find thousands of one-day-only deals, but very few of them will really be worth your money.Let look at most featured promotions a list of events and special offers to give you a simple way to take advantage of promotions across AMAZON.

Be sure to check back often since new promotions are being added daily. Prime Day is coming soon. Explore early deals »

  1.  Music Unlimited service:Prior to Prime Day, Amazon has started running deals on select services which is currently less than $1 for four months, after which it goes back to the regular price.
  2. voice-ordering discounts:Ordering one of Amazon’s Echo devices,with an additional $10 back within three days if you’re a new voice-ordering customer.You can test this service out if you.can order the popcorn listed on the page for $2.50—you’ll have a snack and a few bucks profit to prep for Prime Day.

Others additional offers that could come in handy include:

Two Types Of Deals.Run On Prime Day

  • Traditional deals:Which.last all day.
  • Lightning deals:which.also expire after a set amount of time—or when stock runs out.

What is a lightning deal?

This.are.dael.that.have.a.time-limited discounts that appear on Amazon every day, but they’re especially abundant on Prime Day,but.are.specifically abundant on Prime Day.

3 Benefits Of.lightning deal.Run On Prime Day

  • It.offers deep discounts on a specific item.
  • a set amount of time (usually a few hours) or once stock on that item runs out, whichever happens first.
  • If a deal is sold out, you can join the waitinglist (if it isn’t already full)

Disadvantages.of.a.Lightning deals get snatched up within minutes,  you have to sift through thousands to find bad news! can save yourself the hassle and see all the good ones on our Twitter account before they go live.


  1. Save 20% on Select Home Services Leading Up to Prime Day
  2. Get 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99
  3. Kindle – Up to 40% Off Kindle Unlimited
  4. Prime Day 2017 – 30 Hours of Deals
  5. Shop Amazon Devices- Get up to $35 off Trade in your Kindle off a new one
  6. Shop Amazon Devices- Get up to $35 off Trade in your Kindle off a new one
  7. Shop Amazon Devices – Introducing the All-New Fire Tablets Starting at $49.99
  8. Shop Amazon Devices – Introducing All-New Kindle Travel Bundles, starting at $199
  9. Shop Amazon Devices- $30 off Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo
  10. Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial
  11. Try Amazon Home Services
  12. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial
  13. Introducing Amazon Handmade
  14. Shop Amazon – Premium Home Audio Shop
  15. Shop Amazon Launchpad – Explore new and inspired products from startups
  16. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
  17. Shop Amazon – Introducing Prime Pantry – Everyday Essentials in Everyday Sizes
  18. Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime
  19. Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Wedding Registry
  20. Shop Amazon Exclusives – Privé Revaux Eyewear
  21. Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes
  22. Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes
  23. Join HBO Free Trial
  24. Shop Handmade – Kitchen & Dining
  25. Shop Handmade – Furniture
  26. Shop Handmade – Jewelry
  27. Join Amazon Channels Free Trial
  28. Join Amazon Channels Free Trial
  29. Shop Amazon – Handmade Handbags & Accessories
  30. Join SHOWTIME Free Trial
  31. Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial
  32. Shop Amazon Home Services – Handpicked pros for landscaping, TV setup, plumbing and more
  33. Shop Amazon – Audible Star-Powered Listens – Let a Celebrity Read You a Good Book
  34. Shop Amazon – Audible First Great Listens from the Highest Rated Titles
  35. Shop Amazon – Audible First Great Listens from the Highest Rated Titles

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