Best Battery Operated Curling Iron 2017 Reviews

Have you been looking for the best battery curling irons ?

I’ve got you covered even if you belong to the group of women who have a tidy activities up their sleeves or travelling is your hobby whenever you have a vacation .

You could have a curling hair you always wanted to have with the best cordless curling irons available in the market.

Today, I want to share with you some of the best battery operated curling iron that proved to be must-have for your daily beauty kit whatever plan you may have for the day.


Why Battery Curling Iron Cordless ?

Let us now look at the three major reason why curling iron are cordless as a product :

Battery curling iron  are specifically designed not to receive electricity power directly through any cord.

As the iron do not need to be plugged in,it is powered by an alternative power supply like rechargeable battery or butane.

It can be carry wherever you want even if there is no power source or electric outlet available.

Types of Battery Curling Iron

There are three types namely;

  1.  Rechargeable curling iron
  2. Disposal curling iron
  3. Butane Curling Iron

Disposal / Rechargeable Curling Iron

Disposal or Rechargeable curling iron can be powered by disposable or rechargeable battery. The disadvantages is that you can only use it for once. But the rechargeable battery can work for 30 to 40 minutes after been charged before using the curling iron .

For  new user, I have given a video link below for knowing how a Rechargeable Curling Iron works—

Butane Curling Iron

Most of cordless curling irons are made of power cell named Butane Curling Iron. Butane Curling Irons are powered by a flammable hydrocarbon gas, by turning on the butane the gas heats the curling iron enabling you to curl your hair anywhere.

Butane is used in the cartridge as a fuel for cordless curling iron. You can use one cartridge multiple times. Whenever one cartridge is fully empty, you can replace it with a fresh one.

These curling irons are smaller in size; specially designed to be portable than any traditional curling irons.

Can you take butane on a plane?

Yes you can take your cordless butane curling iron as far as you follows the guideline for safety rules:

Quantity limits: One per person in carry-on baggage only

A safety cover must be securely fitted over the heating element.

The device must be protected from accidental activation.

Gas refills (spare cartridges) are not permitted.Mar 19, 2013

For novice user, I have given a video link below for knowing how a Butane Curling Iron works—

Features of battery Curling Iron

The following are some of the quality of cordless curling iron  They are as follows:

Perfect and Heats up early

They heat up FAST,and get HOT – making curling time faster than ever. No Cord!!!! so you can use it anywhere at any time. Would never go back to the cord-kind. It saves time than traditional curling irons which take time to charge up. Before using,check the product label to see what was written for the heating time of the iron. Perfect In Every Way! what a time saver!

 No Cable Required

There is no need for any cable as the curling iron are power by rechargeable battery and butane which gives good support. All you need is to recharge again while, butane curling iron does not need cable just replace empty cartridges with the new one. If your rechargeable battery is full or cartridge is full with butane, you can curl your hair anytime, anywhere.

Practical, lightweight curling iron for Travel.

You could get the same results as your regular curling iron, but lighter and easier to use especially as a touch-up aid for an out-of-town wedding or use it for overseas travel. For a cordless curling iron, it works well when there is no compatible electrical outlets available.

Good for Foreign Travel

It can be use as a backup curling iron when traveling out of the U.S. Often the voltage is different in other countries, and sometimes your regular hair styling tools won’t work. This does the trick, even though it has a significantly smaller diameter than regular curling iron. It was perfect for travel where the electrical plugs are different in each country

Small Size, Light Weight

Cordless curling irons comes in small sizes. They are light in weight that it can be easily fitted into your bag, travel luggage or kept in your car. Other than that it works fine,heats quickly  Would definitely recommend.

 5 Things to be considered before using a battery Curling Iron—

  • Retrieve batteries are costly and may not available in certain areas.
  • Rechargeable charges can be finished any time. So it’s difficult to recharge the batteries if there are no electric outlets.
  •  One Butane Cartridge is allowed for on airline flights.
  •  Extra cartridges carrying are not permitted during flight.
  • Some cordless curling irons do not get hot enough to curl properly all types of hair.

 The Best Battery Operated Curling Iron : 4 Top Rated Pick And Reviews

Conair MiniPRO Cordless 3/4-inch Ceramic Curling Iron

For all hair types Conair MiniPRO Cordless are Powered by a replaceable cartridge, the cordless ThermaCELL flat iron heats up in just two minutes without a cord,and gets hot enough to curl your hair.  With fast heat up Super curl styles, never stick to hair Boot shutdown time delay by 3 seconds .

The TSA and FAA allow one butane cartridge installed in a device in checked or carry-on baggage, this compact, high-heat flat iron makes an ideal traveling companion. Go ahead and curl up your hair without worries.

Conair MiniPRO Cordless 3/4-inch Ceramic Curling Iron

About this item

  • ThermaCELL® butane cartridge included
  • Ceramic technology eliminates static, reduces frizz and protects hair from heat damage
  • 419°F ultra-high heat performance
  • Cordless for easy travel
  • Create instant style, anywhere or anytime

·  Refill cartridges available

 ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron

Get the very latest in innovations with Thermacell by compact Curling Iron. This product heats to 360 degrees F using a Thermacell® butane cartridge and works anywhere without cords or electricity It also lends absolute smoothness to each hair strand that ups your beauty quotient.

This full-size iron makes your hair bouncier and wavier with even heat distribution and compact enough to drop in your purse or bag and go.  The Conair Thermacell TC605 Cordless Curling Iron Replacement Thermacell Cartridges are also available for purchase.

About this product

  • No plugs or batteries
  • Fast heat-up reaches professional curling temperature quickly
  • Use as curling iron or styling brush
  • Replaceable thermacell butane gas cartridge
  • Also included: storage/travel case+

ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron

Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro 1-in. Ceramic Curling Iron

This little Travel Smart by Conair MiniPro 1-in. Ceramic Curling Iron is a big hit with airline travelers. The iron is specifically designed with the latest Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic for an effortless styling  and  you get super styled hair that holds without heating damages.

MiniPro 1  is a mini iron that cater for multitude hair types with the two speed setting  but perfect for you to travel around  meaning whether thick or fine hair.


About the item

  • Tourmaline -ceramic ionic barrel fosters healthy, shiny styling results with less frizz or damage.
  • Professional PTC technology Instant heat up
  •  Recovery allows you to begin straightening hair after 60s.
  • Advanced technology for stable temperature.
  • Two temperature speed(High-Low-Off).
  • US plug. 125V 60HZ Max temperature 350℉(180℃).
  • Mini design portable.
  •  Hair Beauty, Handy
  • Convenient to Use.

Travel Smart by Conair ThermaCell

Another familiar battery curling iron to the user is Travel smart , which also works well. Travel smart curling iron can be carried in your pouch. The ceramic barrel of Travel curling iron is  3/4inch in size, services high-shine finish and smooth styling with sleek hair. It is cordless for easy travel iron to achieve beautiful curls on-the-go.

About the item

  • 360 degree fahrenheit ultra-high heat
  • Powered by thermacell butane gas cartridge (included)
  • Approved safe for airline travel

 Frequently Bought Together

These are most frequently bought together product along with the travel smart that worth checking out

Travel Smart by Conair ThermaCell 3/4-Inch Ceramic Curling Iron


Travel Smart by Conair Thermacell 2pc. Refill Cartridge

Travel Smart by Conair ThermaCell Ceramic Straightener

8 Question and Answer You Need To know About TravelSmart

Does this iron work well at high elevation? in cold weather?


I believe I have used mine in the Smoky Mountains with no issues. I have used it camping in all weather. I have had a Theracel iron for at least 25 years
they only issue is the starter eventually wears out.
By Ellyn M Heinz on July 7, 2015

Yes. I love this curling iron! I take it everywhere when I travel internationally.
By Lynne L on July 6, 2015

Yes, it works anywhere as long as you have the activation vials. Just remember to take them out after you use it because if they’re left in the activator will evaporate. Use them, take the vial out, cap it and keep it for next time.
By jacki222 on July 6, 2015

Yes. This is a great little hair product to have when traveling.
By Veronica Altvater on July 6, 2015

I’m on my second curling iron. Bought first one about 20 years ago. Just made a trip to Colorado Springs and it wouldn’t work. I tried it several times throughout the week. When I got home to Virginia, I went online to buy a replacement and saw this question. So I tried the iron again and it worked! I think it does hav… see more
By Lakechik on February 5, 2017


Does this 3/4″ cordless curling iron come with the protective shell like it shows in the second picture?


Yes it comes exactly as pictured. My trip is over, but this is the only curling iron I’ll use from now on, traveling or not.
By jacki222 on August 19, 2014

Yes. I used it on a trip to Ecuador. Worked great. Packed it in my checked luggage.
By Carol J. on August 22, 2014

The curling iron I bought came with the protective cover. It could be used when it was warm but not hot.
By Piper on August 24, 2014

By Michelle Wardlow on August 19, 2014

Yes, it comes with a protective shell as shown in the picture.
By Mark C. on August 19, 2014


Can you refill the cartridge


No. Throw away the empty cartridge. Do not puncture. Purchase a new cartridge.
By Mator on October 2, 2016

No. You must purchase additional compatible cartridges.
By Roger G. on October 2, 2016

I don’t think so but can buy carridges
By Amazon Customer on October 2, 2016

No, they should be discarded after they are empty!
By MSG on October 2, 2016

You have to purchase each butane cartridge, they are not refillable.
By A Fan on October 1, 2016


I want to know if I can take it on an airline to Europe. Is it TSA approved?


Not really sure, I have taken in by checked baggage in the states with no problem.
By Ellyn M Heinz on May 11, 2015

I purchased this for a trip to Europe and when I was packing my husband informed me that it was not TSA approved. It’s because butane, which it runs off of, is a highly combustible liquid. So I didn’t take it. However, I did not double check the TSA web site to confirm. Also, once we got there, every hotel we stayed in… see more
By elizabeth johnston on May 11, 2015

It is TSA approved. Here is a link to the rules:
By jcali on November 10, 2015

can it be taken on klm airlines
By Jillayne Knight on February 4, 2017


does this come with a butane cartridge?


Yes it comes with 1..I ordered a couple extras..available on amazon also..this works well .
By Carrie on September 17, 2016

Yes, one came with mine. I bought extras but I’m still using the original cartridge However, I do not use it everyday, just for quick touch ups here and there.
By Wendy on September 16, 2016

Happy to help! For extra fuel cartridges I order from Amazon…Best deal I’ve found is this
4 of Conair TC2BC ThermaCell refill cartridges, 8 pack.
Sold by: Goodman’s
By MSG on September 16, 2016

See more answers (6)


Is the spring hard to open for an elderly person?


No. I’m 72 and have no problem.
By Linda W. on February 15, 2017

Well, I am 75 and have no problem opening it.
By Amazon Customer on February 15, 2017

No, it’s very easy to operate.
By Pauline A. Waddell on February 15, 2017

See more answers (3)


Going to South America. Will this go through security on flights within Argentina, Chile, and Brazil?


Check with your Airline. The cartridges may be considered hazardous.
By C. Hodges on January 30, 2015


What’s the difference between this iron and the ceramic one?


I’ve never owned a ceramic one but I love this iron. It heats up quick and curls my hair very quick. Love it!
By Jeannette Martinez on January 2, 2015


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