Discover 21 way To Clean Hair Spray Off A Curling Iron Just In 5 Minutes

Have you thought buying a new curling iron or wands because your current one is becoming sticky, brown and seems your hair no longer slips over the ceramic barrel. Stop blaming this brown gunk on your styling product for why your hair are not turning out amazing after you use it.

Cleaning hairspray off a curling iron in just 5 minutes is very important as your iron get messy and dirty, which is basically not good to put in your hair if you want to have a curl that last long over the time.

Do you still have a curling iron that looks tacky.

I have decided to figure out how to clean hairspray off of a curling iron and remove the sticky brown burn- on mess from it.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the following Best results?


1.Clean flatiron

As you can see from the pictures…the “gunk build-up” was approaching a serious level of gross and I was about to attack it with the scissors again when I decided to give my “miracle cleaner” a try.

Turns out this was hardly even a challenge for the “miracle cleaner”. 🙂  I made my usual paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and started rubbing it in with my fingers.  It immediately took all but the thickest parts of gunk off with hardly any effort at all.

This is what it looked like “AFTER”. Here are How To Clean Your Flat Iron So It Looks Like New

2.Remove Burnt Gunk from StraightnerCurling Iron

All you need is ACETONE!Simply apply the acetone and wipe dry for immediate results. You can use regular acetone or the 100%acetone formula — either will work and not destroy the finish of your hair styling appliance.Wipe off your hair styling device with acetone and viola! Your straightener or curling iron will look brand new!You can learn these how to Remove Burnt Gunk from Hot Iron  to make it fun.

3.Clean a Curling Iron with Rubbing Alcohol

For this cleaning method, you put some rubbing alcohol (I used 91% isopropyl alcohol) onto a clean, dry, cotton ball or pad and wipe down your curling iron with it, gently rubbing away the grime.I do think quickly wiping down your curling iron before you put it away with some rubbing alcohol would probably work to maintain a clean iron, more than actually clean a really dirty one.Here’s my before and after results with trying to clean a curling iron with alcohol.

4.Cleaning A Chi Straightener

Gross!!This is caused by straightening after applying hairspray,Now, my build up was very thick and tough, so I laid a layer of paste on the plate and let it soak about 5 minutes.After 5 minutes, I simply banged the iron on the sink, so all of the paste fell off, and then applied little bits at a time, with a scratch resistant kitchen sponge, scrubbing with all of my might!.DO NOT use a thin and runny mixture, as this could damage your straightener, with it being electric.  Click here to knowncleaning-chi-straightener

5.Clean Your Curling Iron

 How many of you remember the days when you sprayed each piece of hair with hairspray before curling it? Am I the only one who did that as a teenager? Well now that I’ve grown up a little, I no longer hairspray my hair before I curl it. I do however spray it with a heat protectant. As you can see it builds up on the curling iron over time.

 The fix: grab a piece of steel wool {Not the kind with soap in it} and rub it gently all over the curling iron. In five minutes or less it will look as good as new.Click here to know How to Clean Your Curling Iron.

6.Cleaning Hair Spray Off a Flat Iron

 Avoid using abrasive solvents when cleaning your ceramic flat iron. However, there are some household items that you can turn to if you run out of your regular professional thermal tool cleanser. Nail-polish remover, ammonia, spray-on oven cleaner and rubbing alcohol can each break down hardened styling product on your flat iron. Saturate a cotton ball with your solvent of choice and use this to wipe away product buildup. When you are finished, use a damp paper towel to wipe down your ceramic tool; this will clean off any remaining solvent, as you don’t want to get it on your hair the next time you use your flat iron.

 7.Say Goodbye to Buildup


Beauty portrait with curling iron

Clean your curling iron at first sight of hairspray buildup to keep it functioning properly.Start with a cool, unplugged curling iron. Wipe the barrel with a soft, water-dampened rag to remove as much hairspray residue as possible. Go over the barrel with a dry rag. Lift up the clamp on the curling iron and clean this area as well. The hairspray may come off with just water if it’s not caked on too thick.

8.Perfect timing to clean your curling Iron

How to Clean Your Curling Iron - SO need to do this! { } Great and easy tips!

I can show you a good before and after! And the good news, you probably already have all you need in your pantry!

Just grab a clean washcloth and rubbing alcohol! Simply wet the washcloth with the rubbing alcohol and rub over a COOL curling iron or flat iron. PLEASE NOTE rubbing alcohol is flammable, so you do NOT want to do this on a hot curling iron!  Wait for the iron to cool fully and you can rub down your entire curling iron, from barrel to handle. It’s amazing just how clean they can get!

9.Getting Hairspray Off the Curling Iron

Begin by wetting your cloth with either water or rubbing alcohol.Rubbing alcohol or all-purpose cleaner will work better at breaking down the hair spray than just plain water. However, if you can get the hair spray off simply with water, try that first. This will eliminate the need to wipe the iron down with water at the end to wash off the residual cleaner.

10.Oven Cleaner


if you have tried everything else and your curling iron is still looking gross then you may need to resort to using oven cleaner. Unplug the curling iron and make sure that it is cool to the touch. Wrap the cord and plastic handle of the curling iron in a rag to protect it from corrosion. Then place the iron on a surface that won’t be affected by the oven cleaner. Spray the barrel with the oven cleaner and let it stand for 15 to 20 minutes, or until you can see that the residue on your curling iron has bubbled off. Wipe off the curling iron with a damp cloth making sure that all of the oven cleaner has been removed.

11.clean that gunk off














Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on a damp cloth or a cotton ball and rub the barrel clean, make sure to open the clamp so you can wipe underneath it too. If the buildup is really stubborn and won’t come off easily, try gently scrubbing with a toothbrush that was first dipped in rubbing alcohol.After removing all of the buildup, take another clean cloth and wet it with a bit of water. Wipe off the iron to remove any residue.Wait until the barrel is completely dry before plugging it in again.

12.clean hairspray off

How do I clean hairspray off my curling iron?

Another option is to use a paste consisting of baking soda and water. Apply the paste directly onto the barrel and wipe it away with a clean washcloth.Apply the paste directly onto the barrel and wipe it away with a clean washcloth.

13.Easy Cleaning Hack

1.Hair styling products can collect on your hot tools over time, causing a burnt buildup that looks like rust. Create an easy gunk-remover with one part rubbing alcohol and two parts baking soda.

2. Turn on your hot tools for about a minute, then turn off and unplug. The heat will help loosen the gunk.

3. Wipe the paste over the surface of your hot tools, and let sit for 15 minutes.

4. If you have ceramic-plated tools, use only your fingers to rub away the buildup. For metal, use a soft cloth or toothbrush.

14.Clean a Hair Straightener


Build up on your curling or flat irons can occur from styling products, residue from shampoos/conditioners and oils in your hair. Not only is it bad for your iron, it can snag your hair and cause breakage and split ends. Follow these simple steps to clean away the build up and maintain a clean iron.

15.Clean Headbands and Other Accessories

Sure, you could go out and constantly buy new hair flare, but the truth is, you’re going to reuse them at some point. And if you’ve sweat in them, slept in them, cleaned house in them or whatever you have done in them, they’re probably dirty. All you have to do is fill the bathroom sink with warm water and a little bit of shampoo, and let the accessories soak for a few minutes. Gently scrub each accessory with your fingers to loosen up any grease or build-up, and finally, rinse them out with clean water.

16.Cleaning Your Blow Dryer

Take your blow drier and take a look at the back where the vent is. See that? That’s lint…and dirt. Most likely completely covering the filter. Unless yours is brand new or recently cleaned, a clogged up blow dryer is something a lot of us are guilty of. All this built up dirt and lint blocks the ventilation a blow dryer needs to work properly and safely.Enjoy the maximum airflow of your next blow-out! Feels just like new.

17.Never submerge the curling iron in liquid

Photo Courtesy of

You could potentially mess up the electrical components by submerging your iron in water or a cleaning solution. It is better to take your paper towel and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the paper towel, and then rub down the entirety of the curling iron, paying special attention to any plates, heating elements, or areas with excessive buildup. Skip the water, and use the following cleanser instead.

18.clean hairspray off hard surfaces

The Very Best Way to Clean Your Curling and Flat Irons

Since resins are primarily soluble in solvents like alcohol or acetone a little rubbing alcohol (aka isopropyl alcohol) will work pretty well. Or, if you can get ethanol, that will work too. You could also try nail polish remover (which contains solvents like acetone or ethyl acetate) but those are a bit more aggressive.

19.Clean Hot Curler

You notice that the sheets kinda brown of what ever residue ( hairspray, grease, gel and etc.. You may repeat this process over until liking.Use a paper towel to wipe off the access wax

20.Clean the Ceramic Plates on a Hair Straightener

How to Clean the Ceramic Plates on a Hair Straightener

Photo Credit Diane Shear/Demand Media

Spritz the hair straightener’s plates with cleaner. There are cleaners made specifically for straighteners. You can also use rubbing alcohol. Regardless of what you use, let the liquid soak on the surface of the cool iron for a few minutes. Don’t try to clean the iron while it’s still warm, because the cleaner will evaporate before it has time to work.Cleaning the straightener is a simple process.

21.Get an Odor Off a Curling Iron


Wet a cloth in warm water. Sprinkle 1 tbsp. of baking soda onto the wet cloth and then sprinkle a few drops of water over the baking soda so it makes a mildly gritty paste, as suggested by Good Housekeeping and Dot Com Women.Rub the past over the curling iron to remove styling product build-up and other residue. When you are finished cleaning the curling iron, use another damp cloth to rinse the iron (do not submerge the curling iron in water–doing so may allow water to seep into the advice, which may remain and pose a shock hazard).

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