How To Recharge or Replace and Refill Battery Operated Curling Iron Life?

Every time we come across statements and Frequently Ask Question like this

‘’Can I refill my cartridge’’

 ‘’Does this come with battery cartridge ‘’

 ‘’My curling iron or straightener battery stops charging at a point’’

 ‘’ Why is my battery curling wand is not giving numbers of spiral curls as promised?’’

 ‘’The battery life status quickly flat from 60 minutes to 40 minutes’’

 Why Your Curling Iron Always Have Low Battery

Most rechargeable batteries are not most time fully discharged between charge cycles ,simply remember the in between the cycle ,and the length of use as per a cycle is eventually reduced due to loss in capacity to fully recharge.

These memory effect or voltage depressions are commonly known as Low battery capacity or battery effect.

In more cases these issues of battery half drained can be corrected , and is good to know that incorrect charging is the issue  rather than the battery problem . 

 How To Know The Types Of Battery Or Cartridge Use In Curling Iron

In order to understand the curling iron battery life you need to know the types of battery or refill cartridge and replacement available           

Types Of Curling Iron Battery or Cartridge

  • Thermalcell Refill Cartridges
  • Butane Cartridges
  • Refill or Replacement

Curlers like Conair Mini Pro Cordless and Thermalcell by Conair Compact Curling Iron both use replacement cartridges  or battery gas cartridge which always comes packaged and also available for purchase .Most of the curlers  have Refill battery  .Butane Cartridge can store a great amount of energy in a relatively capacity unit .

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Curling Battery

  • Do not overcharge –Try and follow Manufacturer’s Replacement of Refill instruction carefully. Note: Memory effect – or voltage depression is directly related to over charging or exposing the battery to high temperature.
  • If your battery is experiencing memory effect or stops charging at a point in time try to fully discharging it every month .This will make a better curling experience and add longer life to our battery and curling iron.
  • Most curling irons come with a quick charge function for emergency situation.
  • Try to know your battery status by checking the average number of curls when fully charged.
  • If you don’t use your rechargeable battery for a week, the battery completely dies
  • Every time your curling iron battery is fully charged it run very slow for approximately 2-3 minutes before running at a full speed.
  • Emergency replacement are rare occasioned and will not do much harm -unless otherwise required, It is recommended to do replace the battery when your cartridge run out







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